How massage chairs can help with arthritis

With our lives busier and more stressful than ever, we could all use a good massage every now and then, right?  The problem with traditional massages and massage therapy is that sessions can be too expensive for most of us to afford with any kind of regularity, if at all.  They can also add time to an already-overstuffed schedule, especially if you have to factor in drive and wait time.  Massage chairs can be a great and cost-effective alternative.  Those who suffer from arthritis can find massage beneficial since it promotes relaxation, which can lessen the stiffness that so often comes with arthritis.  A more relaxed state can also promote better sleep.  Better sleep, in turn, can further lessen the joint pain and stiffness that accompany arthritis.

dreamwave massage chair

The most feature-packed massage chairs can actually offer full-body massages with different zones for neck and shoulders, back, arms, and legs and feet.  Some allow you not only to select specific zones, but will also allow you to program different settings for different zones.  Some massage chairs rely on a vibrating massage, while others employ rollers that more closely resemble a more intense shiatsu massage.  While the roller-type massage does more closely resemble the kind of massage you’ll get at a spa than does the vibrating type, some who are especially sensitive to touch often find a vibrating massage easier to tolerate.


For added pampering, you can opt for a massage chair that also offers heat therapy.  Combining massage with heat is one of the best ways to relax tired, achy, and stiff muscles.  And, unlike when you go to a massage specialist, you can take those relaxed muscles straight to bed and probably be surprised at how much better you sleep.  A good night’s sleep can make a bigger difference to overall well being than you might imagine.  Our bodies need quality downtime (sleep) in order to rest and recover from the stresses of the day.  Restful sleep allows our bodies and brains to make cellular repairs in addition to just giving our systems a much-needed break.  A body that can rest comfortably and relaxed is much more likely to wake up feeling more comfortable and relaxed, which can be a key to helping those suffering from arthritis to manage their symptoms.


When shopping for a massage chair, make sure you know how much floor space you really have and this page will help you choose the best massage chair for you. Most models do have a considerably large footprint, especially when reclined, and you certainly don’t want to get one home only to discover that it doesn’t fit where you thought it would.  You’ll also find models that offer only a few basic settings as well as some that seem to have more bells and whistles than you thought a chair could contain!  There are even some models nowadays that are bluetooth-enabled and will sync massage pulses to music!

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If you haven’t got the space or the budget for a full-sized massage chair, you might consider a nice foot massager.  Obviously, these units won’t massage your whole body, but most people are surprised at how many all-over aches and pains can stem from tired feet and legs.  Basic vibrating foot massages aren’t usually as effective as roller models, simply because a vibrating box doesn’t offer the same level of massage as a roller.  You can find both of these types of massages in dry or water-filled versions.  A nice soak offers its own benefits, so combining rollers with water is typically your best bet for a basic foot massager.  Going up the foot massaging ladder a bit, you can find models designed to massage the calves in addition to the feet.  Some of these feature half-sleeve-type massaging cushions for the back of the calves only, but others can offer a great massage for your entire lower leg and foot (including the top of the foot).

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While any quality massager will cost more than a single session at a spa, their value over the course of time really doesn’t compare.  For the cost of a few to several spa massages, you can have a massage chair that’s waiting for you (and the rest of the family) every night, and don’t forget to follow these recreation suggestions for moms.